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About us

We're company based in Europe and operate for closing new trades with new suppliers.

The expert team of company Shining Diamonds choose new contacts, negotiated new business and negotiated new contracts for new products in Europe and other countries outside of Europa.

Our targets

We aim to the state of complete satisfaction of our clients and customers and consumer.

High value services

We works hard to bring over the seas and air, the top and high quality. products  which cover the needs and desire of consumers in their various classes.

Active competitive presence in the markets

Create abroad distributions base. Ensure effective presence and visibility at all points.

High following and attention to understand the changes and expectation of the markets

Understandings the real consumers need. Observe and expect the new changes in markets.

Shopping focused and centered on consumers and customers and clients

Strategies plans which make balance between the long planning and the nearest results. High creative make us always different and still follow our aims.

Permanent and cleverest Management always thinking in aims and results

Depending to the high Criterion performance that depend to instructions and clearest bonus. Share responsibilities and encourage spirits of teamwork and develop the human resources, useful strategies alliances.

Our mission

Our message to continue and build up our relations with the clients, in order to provide them with a good quality products, to envelop an easy services, open more and more branches and competent offices to be near the distributions centers to arrive easy to any expected clients in the area.

Our meanings

The company and all teamwork inside, believe in the reaches professional principle and rules which help the corporation not only in success, but also in inauguration of making confidence with all relations between staff and clients.