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What we do

Products in high qualities

We always care to select our products from the famous companies in the world which has achieved success and confidence all over the world. Our first Criterion is to select the first class products in qualities to our people everywhere.

Confidence of clients

We have a good reputation in the markets, our customers and clients trusted without frontier in our products in qualities with a high accuracy. The success is hiding behind the selected team we have in sales and markets researchings.

The business managers of Shining Diamonds visit world expositions such as EXPO, visit the manufacturing plants, the factories and Suppliers directly and negotiate optimal conditions for importing goods to Libya from all over the world. We are also ready to visit and contact your company.


Lily Fashion - our fashion store...

The company Shining Diamonds has also a retail division Lily fashion, which deals with the sale of branded goods-handmade footwear and handbags Roberto Botticelli, luxury cosmetics Paola Pand Pascal Firenze.  Priority are however business activities in connection  and with the negotiations of new  contracts for the import of goods and especially food to Libya. We will be pleased when you contact us, we are looking  forward to our cooperation, we are open to your offers.


Sales and purchasing system

When we started this project, our priority to put all our experience besides the developed systems and theories and studies to build completely advanced
system of work in all over the sections of the company , especially in salesand purchasing and everything’s related to that , we have created an updated system that helped our team and people inside and outside to follow and share data and documents instantly and clearly. Why not ,we are living in the century of the speediness of the information and invention.


Calls and telecommunications

The One of the main and great reasons that had guided us to success in our project, we focused our efforts to bring a qualified persons, each one according to his field and job, we had prepared a complete and developed system of internet and telecommunications and modern contacts machines, linked and connecting direct to all with our sites and branches inside Libya, makes our works going easy and enjoyable with our team and clients and customers.

Through our effectively media plans, we were able to spread our products and company name widely everywhere  and dominated to a new markets, new clients and customers, in a shortly period of time our company reputation become known,really we do not deny the effectiveness of the developed systems we have followed.